Hypnotic Scarlet - beguiling mistress

Erotic hypnosis, mp3 downloads,

seductive video inductions

Live video/phone mind control sessions

The most powerful sex organ is the mind, and one of the most powerful sexual
enhancements is the intense sensation of erotic hypnosis. Be led
into exquisite, powerful sensations of pleasure in the privacy of your
home. Experience your fantasies. Explore all the myriad dimensions of sexuality and push
the limits of your own imagination.

Listen to my voice, sultry, beguiling, seductive as you feel your breathing becoming
slow and deep. Feel yourself sinking down into your chair. Feel it support your
body as your muscles relax and your resistance melts away. Background noise
fades into the distance as your reality becomes only the sound of my voice, with the
world around you as illusory as a dream. Your reality is now, and now is deep
inside your mind, carried away by the sound of my voice. Deeply entranced, you
explore a hidden world of sensation, sounds and incredible arousal.

Enter and explore the mysteries of erotic hypnosis

Submit to my hypnotic voice. Let yourself go
as I guide you into a deep trance of pleasure.

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